18. May 2024
Museum Night program at exhibition “Washing Machine Made of Beetroot”

Is organised by the Estonian National Museum in collaboration with the Washing Machine Made of Beetroot joint exhibition project, concentrates on sustainable do it yourself (DIY) practices, solutions and lifestyles.

Repair, reuse and repurpose of diverse commodities and materials, and vernacular innovation, are today increasingly perceived as part of sustainable consumption culture. Facing the global climate crisis, we are looking for lessons to learn from the past and present, for more sustainable and resilient ways of life.

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24. aprill 2024 The exhibition titled “Washing Machine Made of Beetroot” opening

The exhibition titled “Washing Machine Made of Beetroot” opening

24.-28. jaanuar 2024 European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 opening at estonian agrucultural museum

The Estonian Agricultural Museum invites you to discover skills that are timeless and valuable during the opening week of European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024, from January 24th to 28th.

Our program is hands-on, allowing you to participate in all activities:

January 24th – How to use leftover food when making a sandwich? In addition, we will learn the art of macramé and make greeting cards from old cards. In the digital age, this almost feels like time travel, but oh, those bright eyes when someone receives a tangible card!

January 25th – If you have leftover bread, how can you turn it into a delicious dessert? Want to make a personalized and recycled toy for your pet? Come and learn how. And if you think horsepower is just for cars, our ‘From Horsepower to Horse Power’ program will definitely surprise you.

January 26th – The bread oven is hot, and we are baking artisanal breads. The other topic of the day is crocheting. What could be more homely than homemade slippers? Or do you know what you can crochet from plastic milk or yogurt containers?! A surprise is guaranteed.

January 27th – If you have more cabbage at home than you know what to do with… come and learn how to ferment cabbage. And to ensure it sticks in your memory, on Saturday we’ll again make toys for pets and crochet rugs from plastic milk packaging.

January 28th – To wrap up the week, we’ll make a mouthwatering cake together. Additionally, we’ll remind you how to sew a button onto clothing and make fire starters, all from recycled materials.

The museum is open every day from January 24th to 28th, 10 AM to 6 PM. Find a convenient time for you and come acquire essential skills!

If it’s difficult for you to reach us, a microbus departs from downtown Tartu every day at 10 AM and 2 PM, returning at 1 PM and 5 PM. To reserve a seat on the bus, write to: The bus departs only if there are pre-registrants!

The participation fee is only €10 per day.

See you at the museum – remember or learn important skills in ‘Survival Arts for Beginners’ activities, which are part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 opening week program!

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